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Dear Participants,

We are thrilled to announce the results of the memorial evaluation rounds for the 3rd NALSAR-CCI Antitrust Moot 2024. This year's edition was particularly remarkable for receiving a record-breaking number of 200 memorials from 100 teams and the unparalleled quality of the submissions. The competition has been exceptionally fierce, with a very narrow range of marks distinguishing the teams, a testament to all participants' extraordinary effort and talent.

The evaluation process, which lasted nearly ten days, was rigorous and thorough, with our evaluators working diligently across different teams to ensure parity in marking. The high calibre of the memorials presented a significant challenge, leading to a closely contested competition. This very challenge, coupled with our commitment to fairness and integrity, necessitated a careful and detailed review, resulting in a slight delay in the release of the results. We sincerely apologise for this delay and appreciate your understanding and patience.

We are immensely proud of the dedication and hard work demonstrated by all the teams. The effort invested in your memorials has made this competition more competitive and raised the bar for future editions. It is inspiring to witness such a high level of scholarship and advocacy.

As we share these results, we want to emphasise that every team has shown commendable skill and dedication. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following teams (in no particular order) for their outstanding performance and for advancing to the next stage of the competition:

•    TC 6
•    TC 8  
•    TC 11
•    TC 15
•    TC 21
•    TC 23
•    TC 24
•    TC 25
•    TC 26
•    TC 33
•    TC 49
•    TC 64
•    TC 66
•    TC 69
•    TC 83
•    TC 84
•    TC 85
•    TC 87
•    TC 89
•    TC 93
•    TC 96
•    TC 104
•    TC 107
•    TC 113

We congratulate all the teams for their achievements and thank you for contributing to the success of this year's moot. Your passion and excellence commitment have enriched the 3rd NALSAR-CCI Antitrust Moot 2024.

Warm regards,
Vikrant Saraf
Head of the Organising Committee
3rd NALSAR-CCI Antitrust Moot Court Competition 
In association with Trilegal

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