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Trilegal is a premier law firm based in India. Established in 2000, it has gained the glory of being one of the best law firms in the country. Its offices are located in National Capital Region (NCR), Bengaluru and Mumbai.


Trilegal delivers outstanding integrated legal services to clients across a broad range of industries and practices, including private equity, venture capital, technology, banking, capital markets, competition law, defence, dispute resolution, energy & infrastructure, labour & employment, and taxation. It has earned numerous awards and accolades. 

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is the principal regulatory body charged with the enforcement of the Competition Act of 2002. As a statutory body within the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the CCI is responsible for safeguarding competition in the Indian market and protecting the interests of consumers through its vigilant monitoring of anti-competitive practices.


Additionally, the CCI plays a critical role in ensuring the competitiveness of domestic industries in the face of globalization. With its dedication to free and fair competition, the CCI serves as a crucial component of India's regulatory landscape.

Knowledge Partner 


Eastern Book Company has a long history of providing reliable and comprehensive law reporting of the Supreme Court of India through its weekly law report, Supreme Court Cases™, which has been published since 1969. It is the leading law report in India, widely read and respected by the legal community. Its high standards and quality have made it the preferred and most frequently cited law report in all courts.


SCC Online® is a product of Eastern Book Company, a prestigious publishing house with over 75 years of experience in the field of law publishing in India. One of EBC's key innovations is the SCC Online’s Case Finder™, a powerful information database and search program that provides quick and easy access to case law precedents from the Supreme Court of India.

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